3 Reasons Not Getting Married

1. Not getting married does not mean you’re all alone.

3 Reasons Not Getting Married -1

If you are married, you are assumed to always have someone – the joys and sorrows. But I would only like to say that when you are free, you are still someone the joys and sorrows, someone to rely on, to love, to laugh, to scold, to desire, to trust and rest upon him. Because not you are married does not mean that you’ll be by yourself. It means that you live your life with friends, loved ones, brothers, neighbors and colleagues. Just do not live with a spouse. Maybe you go out appointment. You may have a relationship for two years, then another relationship for five years. Maybe you are like me: in a relationship for over a decade and target life. ‘You can choose not to have any partner. Instead they may come in contact with friends in dinners, to travel and to meet new people, to work for social purposes, swim in the ocean, play violin in an amateur string quartet. No need to be married to have everything supposedly offers marriage – a life full of experience and intimacy.

2. Genuine security comes from the fact that you recognize him for who you are and whom you care regardless of what happens.

3 Reasons Not Getting Married -2

Being upset things in our life happens and the wedding does not stop it. Security, on the other hand, makes these difficult times bearable. I derive my own (security) of my children whenever you make me scream with laughter when they sing to our dog impromptu songs. The pump from my partner every time he reads my thoughts and know that hanker a snack from chips late at night and then displays from nowhere a package which was getting on his way home from work. The pump from my best friend whenever I sense that I am exhausted and goes to do kayaking or send me a poem. When you feel that you recognize and you love the people around you – whether it’s your girlfriends or your colleagues or your pals – provides you with greater security. And you do not need a husband to the wait.

3. You can split.

3 Reasons Not Getting Married -3
My friend and I have been together for 10 years and when we have difficulties in our relationship (like all couples) is a relief to know that there is nothing to hold us together except our desire to make our relationship to succeed. We have the freedom to separate from one moment to the next if things become unbearable. What sweet, strange knowledge that is! During the saddest, poor, desperate moments parigoroumoun from this and gives me the desire to dedicate again myself us



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