Bride More Interested in Minutiae of the Wedding


True: The brides almost always more interested in the minutiae of the wedding than the groom. But when I meet a woman who refuses to give the floor to her fiance not promise to good things. I can think of some cases in which the woman had the event control with strict discipline and the couple divorced a few years later. Basically, they could make decisions together.

On the other hand, is a positive sign when a bride spends time to understand what part of marriage is more important for the groom and leaves him to take over. A couple with whom I worked some years ago, and which happens to have a happy marriage is one such example. The groom did not care at all about flowers, their color schemes and appetizers, but they were passionate about the cake. When it came time to test cakes the bride said, “Take that you like.” Whether it’s cake, the photographer, the open buffet, anything, a bride who leaves the hubby to have some say in marriage is compassionate, and a man who wants to measure the opinion indicates that it is not indifferent. Both are necessary features to achieve a relationship.




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